Friday, June 20, 2008

sewing, yesterday and today

Yesterday, I covered the seat cushion for this wicker chair that Joseph and I got at Ikea.
Then I covered the two little pillows with chicken fabric.

The Oakland As fleece that is draped on the chair is from Joanne's, where we were getting the chicken fabric and some other home dec fabric to cover pillows I wanted to get today from Target. You can see that fabric in the saddlepad picture where it is the background. Joseph saw the fleece and wanted a blanket, and it was 30% OFF, so I bought a yard and a half, cut off the selvages and put a zig-zag hem. I had to use the Pfaff Smart 100, which is a very lightweight machine. I am used to bigger more pwerfull machines. Every tiem I went too fast, the thread jammed. The littloe Pfaff likes to go slow. SLow with a zig zag stich is really slow. It was hard to make myself pay attention, I was so tempting to look around for something more interesting.

He is satisfied with his As throw, but it is too hot to use it now.

Then I photoshopped the Small House batik on to the sofa picture from yesterday. The sofa was too wide so I squished it into a loveseat.

I worked on this foundation pieced star yesterday and today. This dressage pad was finished today. The star I am working on is for a navy blue pad. I've been using the Juki TL. Dave oiled the clutch and it makes a huge difference. Now I don't want to sell it.
Janow's feet are Bothering him a lot. I feel awefull. He got new shoes yesterday and I had Phil put wege pads back on. I had to get more Isoxsuprine, but it hadn't come yet. Jay had some I could borrow from Domino, so he got it this morning. His came today while I was at the pharmacy getting stuff for me and at Target getting those pillows and a new coffee grinder for horse pills.

Joseph is at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life With BSA troop 92. He didn't want to volunteer, but since we will be at Vertical Challenge tomorrow when they are having the car wash, I told him he had to. Car Wash or Walk for Life(and miss the helicopter show). Then he found out that some of his friends from our street are going to be there, so he was excited to go.

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