Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today is shorter than you think.

It's turning out to be a busy summer. Tuesday, Joseph lead the flag ceremony at City Hall for the city council meeting. He is helping the set up for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life on Friday with his scout troop. Sunday morning he leaves for a week of Boy Scout camp at Camp Wente. He is signed up for swimming in August.

Dave oiled the clutch on the Juki industrial and now it works great. I don't want to sell it after all. I used it yesterday to work on this pad.

And I took a picture of the sofa to use with Photoshop and put some art into without unpacking it and hanging it up and dealing with the glare from the glass.

I.m getting better at photoshop. Two of my ETSY listings have batik pictures that are photoshopped onto the wall.

Janow's feet are bothering him again, so I am going up twice a day to give him meds and walk him to keep the circulation up. The walking seems to help the most. Of course, it is the hardest to do! He really likes dusk and dawn the best. I think it's the glare of sunlight on a white face with dark eyes. I got out some acrylic paint and put football smudges under his eyes. They seem to water less that way.

Someone on ETSY was having trouble taking pictures of a jar and it was suggested that she try the mountain setting on her camera. I'll have to try that.

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