Tuesday, July 01, 2008

bummer fun

Summer continues. Having a preteen with friends on myspace has somehow resulted in my laptop being corrupted. I had just recently backed up, so a lot of files are saved. I have managed to save the rest, I think. Now the whole think needs to be wiped out and everything reloaded. I don't know when that will happen.

Everybody waiting for pictures is going to have to wait longer.

The Boy Scout returned from Camp Wente with three merit badges and ready for rank advancement after a conference with the troop leader. He also has some pretty good respiratory irritation from breathing smoke from wildfires. He wa shoarse when he got back, and has a bad cough still, three days after getting back.

As you may know, California has hundreds of wildfires burning, really, over 800 at last count. Most started by lightening. This counts as weather. We may not have ice storms, blizzards, or hurricanes, but we have this. This state leads the nation in wildfires, both by acreage and perecentage. They destroy homes and businesses, cause evacuations, effect health. Billions of dollars are spent fighting them. We are not dangerously close to any here, but we get ash falling on our cars, and the sun has been shrouded for weeks. The air quality is so low they are advising people to stay indoors if they can. People with allergies and asthma are having a particularly hard time.

Janow is still having a lot of difficulty with his feet and I am medicating him three times a day. It is wearing me out. I feel so bad for him, and scared too. That is throwing a lot of summer plans in jeopardy, if not out the window. I want to not care about my summer plans, but it is disappointing other people.

I am getting more pads started,as well as finished, but with computer problems, I cannot upload photos to show you.

I also have three good floor cloth/window shade plans and I need to prepare the canvas for those this week.

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