Saturday, July 12, 2008

still no pictures

Still no pictures, no laptop, no photoshop. Today I plan to sit and stare at Dave while he does it. I think that's what he has been waiting for.

BSA Troop 92 is going to Raging Waters water slides today. Joseph is supposed to be ready and at the departure point at 8:30. So far, at 7:47am he has migrated to the sofa. I have placed apple juice and bacon nearby. I have blown the smell of the bacon onto him. I think I'll go turn on the TV.

I don't understand these people who try not to move until noon. They miss the best part of the day. I have already read some of my current book: Reaper Man. I boiled another batik and it is now cooling. I finished prepareing the second canvas and blocking it out. Then I applied the first layer of color. Now I have two of those ready for wax.

After that, I cut PFD, four fat quarters for crackle dying, and three 14x14s for pumpkins. Pumpkins are fun to batik, and they always find homes before Halloween. Not like other holiday stuff that hangs around until next year.

I dried and folded two loads of laundry. Silver came out and went back in when she was ready for her raisens. She always goes back in by herself and she always gets raisens, or sometimes bannana.

I fed the cats. We are almost out of cat food.

Janow is much improved. I will see him after I drop Joseph off with his troup.

I'm looking forward to doing hot wax today. It has been too hot all week, the wax would not have hardened enough and would have wicked out into the wrong part of the fabric.

Snap Fish was having a penny print sale so I ordered a bunch of snapshots. The shipping is high unless you get a lot of pictures printed, so I save them up to do big batches. I ordered over 100. Some are copies for granparents. If they come, I will hold them for ransom. For the laptop.
Just checked on Joseph. Still comatose. The bacon was gone. The apple juice was not. I woke him up.
"Did you eat the bacon?"

You snooze, you lose.

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