Sunday, October 21, 2007

three jacks

Here is the floorcloth I made for Halloween.
You can see it looks a little different on each side. This is because the wax and the dye penetrate the canvas a little differently.

I didn't put the rubber backing on it because it has such a great luminosity when it's back lit, like in a window. It would also be great as a table topper. So I left off the rubber.

I listed it on eBay at a fixed price, but it didn't sell, then I took it to a tack swap yesterday with a bunch of other stuff and it didn't sell(no brainer there!) but I took it anyway. So I'm putting it on Craig's List. I'll probably end up storing it till next Halloween.

That's the hard part about seasonal stuff.

Yesterday was the tack swap at a stable near Indian Hill, then a vet clinic with vaccinations, then a Boy Scout popcorn show and sell. I was pooped. Dave made dinner because it was Saturday and his night and I was too tired to be talked into doing it. He tried hard though. He does every week. He started by asking me what was for dinner, and I answered his first question with the usual reply: "That's a good question."

He caved, or rather, I refused to cave, and he made salmon with steam-in-the-bag veggies, bread and salad. I told him it was the best meal he had ever made. He said to be sure I put that in my blog because he wants credit for it.

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