Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Silk Dying Made Etsy

After much delay, I finally got around to ETSY. ETSY is an on-line venue for art for sale by artists. The whole idea here is that the artist is the one who gets the money rather than the gallery or the importer or the marketer. It's pretty simple technically, so it goes faster than listing on eBay. It also costs a lot less. You can See mine at doublecatbatik.etsy.com or you can just go to ETSY.com and search by seller or subject or anything. There is some really great stuff on there...........................if you have a minute or two..........or three...............

Here are some sweatshirts I have on ETSY:

They are on my website too.

I finished another saddlepad. I have one more to do, but I have to draft the block first, so I'm putting it off while I use my table for other things.

Things like watercolor--I'm still working on it. It looks different than before.

Silk Screens, I'm making my own. The first ones were a learning experience, so I'm doing those over.

The floor cloths are still undergoing finishing, but they are getting closer.

Dying silk was something I had never done, so I am doing it now. It's a little different than cotton. But all the cotton practice is helping bunches.

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