Thursday, October 25, 2007

Many Things Today

Many things going on, none major. I started ironing my last batik of the summer, except it's fall and I'm racing the weather. It was a biug surprise to see how the cracks and seams came out. This is what it looks like. It still needs more ironing and finishing.

This is ongoing. It should be finished tomorrow and I have another one part way done.

I've been playiong with watercolor pencils and this is what I have so far. I'm not sure if I like it, but it's fun.

The sweatshirt that says "WIRED" is sold already. That was fast!

I opened an ETSY store today. It's a web site for artist to sell art. Everything has to be hand made. I'ts less expensive than eBay and the exposure time is tons longer. All fixed price. My web site will still be the best place to see everything, and you can buy it with there PayPal too.

click here
click on the sign to go there.

I had to make a new banner for ETSY. That took about 40 minutes, argh! But I like it, so I may change this one. You can go to ETSY by typing it into Google. My store is called Doublecatbatik, but it you go, look at some of the other stores there. Fantastic stuff.....and Christmas is fast approaching.

Last, but pretty interesting anyway......Joseph found this game, it's pretty good, and fun. Especially since he needed my help.Get the Glass

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