Friday, October 05, 2007

a little later on.....

Hay, I got Ben on, I've tried that before, with a different YouTube, but it didn't work.

I just finished dying many pieces of fabric for tomorrow's workshop. It's all in the washer now, going around with some Synthropol. I don't know how many pieces. Some of them were pieces I had dyed before but didn't like, so I added more dye. If I still don't like it, it's no loss. Hmm, two pudding cups, a margarine container, two big Glad boxes, two peanut butter jars and a spaghetti sauce jar, one Thyroid-L bottle. Three of those had more than one piece of fabric, as I recall. That makes 12 pieces of fabric. Some are more than one color, but I don't remember exactly what colors and combinations I made. I had to get them done for tomorrow, or I would have kept a log so that if I liked one, or didn't like one, I would know what I did so I could repeat it or avoid it.
Joy said, on Tuesday, to bring fabric you know has been dyed with Procion dye. Well, I know mine is!

I will take some photos so you can see before and after. If I get my pictures folders cleaned up.

Joseph didn't win the presidential election, but he remembers his speech because one of the things he said was an enthusiastic backing of teachers and staff and student council and he got a big cheer for it!

Dave, our Birthday Boy for the day, has not opened any of his presents yet because he is still at work.

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