Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

My Friend Karen is ready for Halloween already!She made this great pumkin stack and listed it for sale on ebay. You could be ready too, just click here to go to the listing and place a bid! or at least read a better description and see better pictures.

I'm not ready for Halloween.
Then she made this fantastic harvest owl. This owl could carry you through November and Thanksgiving. I'm not ready for Thanksgiving either, but you could be, if you get lucky with bidding on ebay. Click here to bid and win.

And of course, to make me feel even more 'not ready,' she made this phenominal Santa and listed him too. If you have the winning bid on him, he will arrive promptly in the mail and the rest of your friends, family, and neighbors will also feel 'not ready.' Go here to win Santa!

So spread a little aprehension and anxiety to those around you by being prepared for the upcomming season ahead of time and ahead of them.

I bought the epattern for this owl from Karen last year. It was easy, I just sent payment with my computer using PayPal and she sent me an email with the pattern as an attachment. I downloaded it and printed it out. Ta Da, the pattern was here at my house! The hard part is clearing away the stuff to make room to make the owl. I probably have everything I need.....somewhere......

You can see other good things made by Karen, and some available in epatterns as well, at RK Creations.

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