Friday, September 21, 2007

Chicken Mola

Here is my chicken mola floorcloth, all the dye is done and it is ready for ironing.I have many that are ready for ironing, and only one still in the dye process.
I also made my President Blocks. The quilt guild I belong to makes these for all the outgoing guild prezes. Its a 2 year term. Everybody makes a block and the X-Prez can use them to make a whole quilt. We all make the same block, but with fabric we have. The person who chooses the block also selects a color theme, so there is some continuity. This time the colors were cream, light tan and earth tones. The first ones I made were ugly, so in the second one, I broke the color rule just a little bit and my "cream" is more pastel. I signed them in thread painting and the are ready to mail.

I also made our guild Block of the Month. Block of the month is part of the General meeting once a month. The BOM committee decides a month in advance what the block will be. Everyone who wants to makes the block and they are posted at the meeting. Each participant puts their name in a drawing and the winner gets everyone's block. Well, participation had fallen off, and I hadn't been doing it because the last thing I wanted was to win another unfinished project! So I made three of them anyway, and entered Community Quilts in the drawing three times. Community Quilts is like the Linus Project. Well, Community Quilts won! Since then, participation has increased. I don't know it it's from my idea or not. But this month, I made three. That was hard! The block the committee chose has four twisted flying geese and 32 different two inch squares. 32x3=96. Those are done too. Most of the points match.

The changing weather is making me kind of panicky. The end of batik season is near.

Denise got sick. I made her chicken soup. Then she got antibiotics, so she is better.

Janow got shod this week and he was good. The changing weather is making him grow carpeting. He likes winter.

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