Monday, September 17, 2007

Pumpkins Progress

What do these pictures mean? I'll tell you later today, if things go smoothly! You never know what will happen!
Well, maybe tomorrow, which is today. This is my pumpkin floor cloth which is done with the batiking process and ready for wax removal. I posted previous in-progress pictures of this piece on August 31.

This is me, working on my website. I searched for broken links and fixed those, and I decided to make the "Click to enlarge" pictures bigger to show more detail. That's a big project with lots of hours. That's after I added the shopping cart!

This horse is the first one I have done. I took new photos for it and reduced the file size to show the detail but also load faster. On some monitors it might make you feel like Mr. McGoo with a magnifying glass. You can see it by clicking on my site banner to go there. It's on the Dubisary page, but there is a link to it from the Horses page.

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Click on this sign to see my website.

Other stuff: Yesterday I saw a bobcat with a long tail in pasture 3. Actually, Elise saw it but she wanted me to see it because she was afraid that nobody would believe her about the long tail. Sure enough, it had a long tail and it was a bobcat. Not a mountain lion. Mountain lions have been seen in the area, but this wasn't one.

And...I accidentally saw an infomercial for something called a Bean. I decided I needed it so I called and ordered it. Joseph was so excited. He has been a big fan of infomercials since he was two and got hooked on a show about vacuum cleaners, but this was the first time we had ever ordered from the TV! And then he couldn't wait for it to come! It finally came and I left it out on the step so he could bring it in. I told him he could open it and inflate it and he had it set up so fast! It was funny, at least to me.

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