Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Horse Ts

Here are the shirts I have been decorating with Procion dye thickened with sodium alginate and Shiva Painsticks. They aren't quite done yet. I hope to get to that today, but I have a lot of other things I hope to get done too, and a kid who is probably too sick to go to school.

When they are done, I will claim one as mine and wear it and wash it a bunch of times to make sure it holds up before I offer the other ones for sale.
I have spent many hours this week adding a shopping cart to my website. I checked the sites I have links to on my front page and found that many of them were down, apparently for maintenance. When I uploaded mine, I checked it a bit later and found a simular page showing that mine was not available. I tried going to my hosts website but was only offered many tutorials for different FTPs so I could learn how to upload. At least screen shots of part of them, not the actual tutoials. But I uploaded it the same way I have been doing it for over a year! I did not want to download a tutorial and I didn't even click to the end to find out if I had to purchase one. I went back re-did the upload and it worked. Should I be suspicious?

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