Monday, September 10, 2007

Mountains out of Mole Hills

"Mom! There's a big spider on you!"

OK..... In the front seat of the big pickup, Papa Bear in the passenger seat, Mama Bear behind the wheel, and Baby Bear buckled into the middle. Down hill on Calaveras, between Downing and Evans Rds.

For those of you not familiar with this road: two lanes and winding and downhill. On the right, straight up. On the left, straight down with lots of undergrowth and running water at the bottom. There is very little shoulder.

And Baby Bear has clicked his seat belt open and is scrambling into Papa Bear's lap, the high whine of anxiety broken only by "It's big!" and the truck is still moving.

Her grasp on arachnophilia not as strong as it could be, she stops the truck and sets the brake and gets out. Baby Bear informs that the huge spider has escaped into the bottomless clutter of the back of the cab, while Baby himself is now plastered against the passenger window.

Papa Bear is too busy trying to sooth Baby Bear because Baby Bear is far less scary than the spider. Mama Bear is on her own.

In the end, the Daddy Long Leg's panicked flee was guided onto a piece of magazine and he was carefully placed on the road outside the truck where he was probably run over.

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