Friday, September 17, 2010


Joy took this picture of us.

Yesterday I longed Janow in harness with two lines through the terrets. He was doing well. I thought I'd try more changes of direction in trot. We were in the big arena in front, so there was lots of room to mess up, but we were great! We did a bunch. He thought it was interesting and really picked up on his impulsion. When he gets bored, he drags his feet.

Worked on fabric yesterday. This is going to be an applique on a ready made saddle pad. I ordered some of those this morning. I added a new pair of bell boots and some hind brush boots too. Janow's are wearing out. His bell boots are older than he is, they were originally Mac's. The hind boots are from a tack swap last spring. I got them from Norma for $5. I've known Norma since about the time I bought the bell boots. Time for new stuff, but I'll keep the old friends.


Laughing Orca Ranch said... is silver and the other's gold. Special friends...and great tack swaps!

Janow is so handsome! You guys look great together. It's wonderful to see photos of you sometimes :)


d. moll, said...

Those carrots look great! I've said it before I love this pic of you and Janow.