Monday, September 13, 2010

What you've all been waiting for............

...........well, some of you, anyway.
Here is the annual photo of the first day of school. His uniform from last year in one, and his uniform for this year in the second. uniform for this year! This is the first year of free dress. Milpitas High is not a uniform school!!

Dave has begun work on my trailer. He wanted to do it himself to save money. We reached an impasse where it could not be made safe without parts available only to dealers or welding, so we have to find out how much it costs. Then compare to the cost of buying the welding equipment so he can do it himself.

As you can see, our entry is still a staging area for building materials going to the tower. Last weekend featured a rattlesnake sighting.

Janow is doing well with his training. I can have him trot while I am ground driving him and guide him into a longing circle and longe him with both reins. I am impressed by this myself.

I have seen another cart wreck and have begun to believe that you cannot spend too much time on ground work. When Dave finally gets my trailer ready, the harness and driving will be so second nature to Janow that adding the drag, and then the cart, will be pretty easy. I hope.

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