Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dyed Up

I tie dyed Dave's underpants. He deserved it.

I told him I would help with the tower by painting. He had only a few things to do before it rained this fall/winter. Painting was one, and I can help with that. At the same time he could be working on another pre-rain task. OK. That was the plan.

What actually happened was that I had to get the animals at home all fixed up for everyone to be gone over night,(Janow, Silver, Paula, Mary Shelley, and Whiskers) and I had to shop for and prepare the food we would eat. I can't eat the pre-cooked frozen entrees he and Joseph can eat up there without getting migraines. The guys eat better when I come up. the time I got there, Dave had painted about 85 percent of what I was going to paint. I had little to do, and the tower was not any further along to being good for winter. My function was to bring better food and keep him company.

By helping the tower to be ready for winter, I was also moving up Dave's ability to fix up the horse trailer so I could take him to Roger's to get him "put to" the cart.

By going up and helping with the tower, I was missing some time to work on saddle pads and primitive shirts to get some money for the stuff I need to buy for the cart. I have purchased three bits so far with a fourth on order. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right one. They are expensive, three have been over $100. Spending money gives Dave the creeps.

So: I was pretty grumpy. Dave didn't understand WHY I was grumpy, all I had to do was sit around and relax. He had hurried up on the painting, getting an early start, so I wouldn't have to do much.

This is the closest we have been to an argument in over 20 years. Last night we had a long talk. We clarified what we meant when we said "bla bla" and why we found it insulting when the other one said "bla bla". We're good.

Unfortunately, this is fiber reactive dye and it doesn't wash out.

Fortunately, it's a bad pair, so thin and fragile that a mere fart could blast it to lint.

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