Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Bunday

Carrie came to Rabbit Haven as a stray. She is spayed. She is a small bun and looks very dainty when she hops around the house. She is a little shy but very gentle and perfect with her litterbox. She is used to living around other rabbits so should be able to bond to other rabbits easily if your bunny needs a friend. Talk to Auntie Heather for full details - code WAS

Rabbit Haven in Scotts Valley is dedicated to finding homes for rabbits who need them, and for making rabbit homes better. Their website has tons of info about rabbits that will help you care for your rabbit, decide if a rabbit is the right pet for you, and find a rabbit that needs a home. They have adoption fairs so you can talk to rabbit people. If they are too far, there is probably a rescue group in your area that does the same.

Here is an article from the Rabbit Haven website. Horse people will be especially amused!


You are making too many trips to the feed store to buy small bags of hay or straw, so you decide that it's time to buy a bale. After the store has loaded it into your car, you get it home and wrestle it into your storage area.

When you cut the baling wire, you wish you hadn't. You have just opened Pandora's box. It may take several messy bales before you discover the steps:

1. Turn the bale so that one end is toward you and the three bands of wire, or twine, are parallel to the ground.

2. At the end facing you, clip the bottom wire and the second wire but not the top.

3. Bring your bunnies' haybox right up to the cut end and pull hay out from the underside of the bale into the haybox.

The top wire stays on to hold everything in place. As the hay gets used, you can tighten up the top so that it continues to hold the diminishing bale.

See how easy that was.


The Fab Furs said...

We approve of Rabbit Haven!!! Our person says a bale of hay is too heavy for her to manage ever since she visited a llama ranch and the people there said they weighed 75-100 lbs. We say she needs to take up weightlifting: it would be awesome to have a real bale of hay!!

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