Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The rider from Indian Hill Ranch who had the bad fall ended up back in the hospital. She was on Facebook with her cell phone, so we all were able to keep up with how she was. She had surgery yesterday to replace the fractured vertebrae and fuse the disks. Amy could use your prayers or Karma or whatever you are best at.

Janow had new shoes Friday of the week before last. He has egg bars and wedge pads in front, barefoot behind. Because his white line looked good and because of all the water in winter, Phil took his pads off. He was sore. That is to be expected, though Phil trimmed his feet so that the loss of the wedge angle of the pad would not be changed. Naturally, I was worried. My reaction would be to take him for many short walks throughout the day. Stormy weather prohibited that, so I just worried and gave him bute.

Sunday, I was able to longe him a little. The only arena dry enough to be workable was the indoor and there was a jumping lesson going on in there. Yesterday, Monday, I longed him in there and he seemed fine. He wore part of his harness, but I left the breeching off. I didn't know who else would be in here and I didn't want to freak anybody out.

He wore bell boots for the first time in a long time. He was starting to brush his coronary band. I think being out of condition is a contributing factor. He is a much more willing longer with bell boots. I don't know it its the brushing or that he feels like he is back in serous work with them on.

At least the stormy weather is over. We are still going to get lots of rain this week, but the blowing and gusting will be a lot less. We lost power in our house a couple of times. Gusts that keep trying to blow you over are hard to "work through."

Of course, my driving lesson got canceled.

I tried to work on saddle pads but it was not my week for that either. I accidentally melted some nylon webbing with my iron. Then I impaled my thumb with the seam ripper when I removed the damaged webbing. After that, I got acetone in the wound when I removed the melted nylon from the bottom of my iron.

It was a long period of procrastination before I got my Board of Equalization taxes done. I hate stuff like that. I ended up paying only 16.00, which is the total state sales tax I collected in 2009. Beginning in April, we payed 9.25%. It was a slow year.

The Possum Lodge on Mt. Hamilton enjoyed my presence on Saturday night and Sunday morning. There was snow, but by the time I got there, it had melted except higher up. Joseph and I had snow on the windshield while driving back.

When I returned, Whiskers, Mary Shelley, Paula, Silver, and Janow were all OK. Silver was pretty happy to see me. She scampered over and dug at me knee really fast, then hopped away. I'm not sure what that meant. I think she had some pretty strong feelings but could not think of anything else to do.

I need a scone.

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Breathe said...

LOL about bunny emotions. Silver, you are such an enigma.