Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No rain today! Yeah! Just fog. Fog fog fog. Cold damp fog.

Amy got through her surgery just fine. All was done through the front, that will be easier recovery and no bulky hardware.

Got to spend some good time with Janow. I went early because I wanted to longe him in harness. When there are too many people, somebody might freak out. I walked him all over, passing in view of as many horses as possible. The more they see the harness as part of the normal day, the easier it will be with the cart added.

The breeching made him feel funny, but he settled in OK.

Teacher in-service today, so no school for Joseph. There are very few normal 5 day weeks, it's always something. I didn't want to go for a driving lesson and leave him home alone while I was so far away. I KNEW he would NOT be happy if he had to spend a big chunk of his day off with me, so I didn't even try to plan driving.

I ordered two driving bits today. One is a Liverpool with a French link, one is a butterfly with a flexible plastic mouthpiece. Between those two, he will like one of them.

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