Friday, January 29, 2010

New Duds

A very old and rotted leather halter broke last week. A new one was needed. Here it is. Pretty and red, with a brass name plate. By the end of the summer it will be pink from the sun. One more year and it will be grey. Well...maybe not that fast.
I changed the crownpiece over the top of his head for leather. It will break if there is a panic. I would rather break equipment than Janow.

The Parrelli instructor says you don't need that, you just train them so they don't panic. When they trust you, they just wait patiently for you to rescue them. OK, so they are trained not to panic at anything foreseeable. Even if it's breakable, it won't break. Then something unforeseeable happens. I have seen a tied horse break free and go kick the daylights out of a horse that is tied up and can't get free. Everybody gets to make their own choices.

Yesterday I saw this Great Egret by the on ramp in Milpitas. Wow!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

How lovely with his name plate on the side! Yes, being careful is most important, there is no such thing as a failproof horse. They all have their moments, ALL of them.

Breathe said...

That's a good point - frankly, what if you can't get to your horse quick enough to make a difference? I'd rather see a halter broken than try to ensure my horse will never panic.

OnTheBit said... handsome!