Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One More Day

It's another day. Whoopee.

Today, I am droopy. Please forgive me. It's not your fault.

I had to have blood drawn for tests. Routine tests, nothing to worry about. I have never fasted for these because fasting gives me migraines. To change my routine bit by bit so that I can wait for the lab to open and give the blood and then have breakfast would take me a couple weeks. Skip that, skip the fasting. Make do.

So I go to the lab and cannot park. In fact, more and more cars are pulling into the parking lot, nobody is leaving and nobody can find a spot. I am lucky to escape.

Try again another off I go, another 25 minute drive up the freeway. Ample parking. I walk around to the back of the building where the lab is. There is a sign and a map showing where to go now that this one is closed. I get back in my car and go there instead. There is one guy there. He will not take my blood because I am not fasting for twelve hours. In twenty five years I have never encountered this. I go to my doctor who says fast for 6 hours and lie.

It is the holidays. There is a lot going on. I shift my schedule so I am fasting for 6 hours and go again. There is new carpet. The smell is bad. It is giving me a migraine. I ask the guy(same one) if this is new carpet, it's giving me a really bad headache. He says "It's probably the paint." WTF I stay as long as I dare, but I have to leave before they get my blood.

So, again, I am fasting. I go to a DIFFERENT lab from the new carpet lab. I drive around the parking lot construction and park, take the elevator to the third floor, suite 301. The door is locked, there is no sign. This lab is no longer there.

I look up another lab and go there. I find a parking space in just over ten minutes and go in, standing room only! I wait 40 minutes and finally they get my blood. I take my Synthroid and wait an hour to eat. It has been over 2 hours since I left my house.

I wake up the next day with....a migraine. I am in bed, in the dark, for a day and a half. I come out and take care of Janow, then I check my email. Joe is getting an F in algebra and my Aunt Alice has passed away.



Breathe said...

Wow. That's a horrible day. I'd go back under the covers!

Hope you got all the bad stuff out of the way and better bits are on the way...

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Oh my, I do hope all the tests check out okay. Fasting and bloodwork is such a drag. Hope your feeling better tomorrow.