Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Bunday etc

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Here is today's Monday Bunday. I'll bet Silver was even cuter when she was a baby bun.

My driving lesson was a blast! Spunky has so much heart. He just flies! Nutmeg and Indie are fun too. Can't wait until Janow is ready.

Joseph came down with a cold. He gave it to me. We are having a nasty storm here, gusty wind and rain. Santa Cruz Mountains are supposed to get it worse. I have to go lock Janow into his stall, but I'm putting it off. If he stays outside, the clay will get deep prints in ti and get muckier and muckier until it sucks the horseshoes off. He needs his front shoes to be sound.

Last Friday Phil the horeshoer took the pads off the front so now he just has egg bars. It made him sore. Some, I think, from the hammering and some from the fresh soles without pads. He should get better but I gave him bute to make him comfy, and some Isoxsuprine just in case, and to make me feel better.

Ew. Don't want to go out there with my drippy nose and sore throat!


Breathe said...

I hear you about the cold. It's no fun. Just when I think I'm over it the cough sneaks back in...

My horses also lose shoes to the amazing vacuum of mud....

Anonymous said...

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