Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What is going on...

This is what is going on now.
I am sorting and cutting 2 inch squares for my Burgoyne Srrounded quilt, and I have designed a new 4-Patch to use the squares that I de-select for the Burgoyne.

The T-Shirts and paints are in the hands of the kids for the Andinkra Project. It's really fun with the kids.

I have a new book on Foundation piecing, just what I needed, NEW IDEAS!

The Industrial Juki is defying me. I have cat beds for the animal shelter that I want to finish on it, but............

The Pre-sist I wanted to try is still sitting un-opened......

I am doing research on making cotton fabric more sun-proof, that might be possible, and that is good.

Shedding is picking up at the ranch. It has reached nuisance proportions, but I know that The Big Shed has not even begun yet! Janow is getting itchy to get ready, so rolls in the dirt regularly. SOme days I think I should give up grooming and just plant seeds!

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