Monday, March 19, 2007

Juki LZ-583

This is the machine I bought used, the one I used for the cat beds.

I have been gathering information of industrial sewing machine needles and looking for more feet and another bobbin case. I am also trying to find good sources of thread. It helped when I figured out what kind of thread I wanted.

The feet are the hardest part. This machine is niether long shank, short shank, nor snap on, so I am having a hard time locating feet. I want to use it to make saddlepads, which doesnt help. Sewing machine people want to know what I am going to use it for so they can advise me, but they don't know anything about saddlepads.

I can make them with cotton or wool batting, which will be interesting because commercial pads are made with low loft needled poly batt. Easier to work with.

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