Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cat Beds

Here are the cat beds I made for the animal shelter.They were good for practice on the industrial machine. It is VERY different!

It is mach harder to control, but I think I can learn it.

Judy Dains is going to teach a workshop on May 5th, and I want to go. I took a workshop from her 5 years ago and learned a lot.

I finally started quilting the community quilts I promised to do. It is a shoo-fly block scrap quilt. Other people made the top, and I basted it and am machine quilting it. I forgot how much I like to machine quilt!

I have ordered more saddle pads to embellish, and some fabric UV to protect the fabric from the sun. The industrial is easy enough to use that I might be able to make saddlepads from the ground up. I am in the process fo learning about needles and thread for it.

Joseph is going on his first Boy Scout trip, solo. It is a ski/snowboard trip, he picked snowboarding. Surprise surprise. We went to the thrift shop and got him some pants to wear. This late in the season, he would not get much chance to wear them, but they will be outgrown for next year. He is looking forward to it. He has already earned his Boy Scout Patch, now he can go for Tenderfoot.

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