Monday, March 26, 2007

Troup 92 Court of Honor

Boy Scout Troup 92
Court of Honor

Last Monday was the first Court of Honor since Joe has been in Boy Scouts. It's a quarterly awards dinner where ranks and merit badges are handed out. Joseph got his Boy Scout Badge and now is eligible to go for the rank of Tenderfoot. When he attains that, he can work toward merit badges.

Next to him is Gary and his mom. He had a good time snowboarding with Gary at Dodge Ridge the weekend before. Gary is a pretty level headed sort of dude, and I'm glad he likes to hang with him. Then James, who is also in Mrs. Maultsby's 5th/6th grade, then Sahil and his mom. Jeremy, who is usually up to something, and his mom, (on our right) looking over their shoulders. Maybe just a habit, maybe........

Whiskers is working her way right in. We are figuring out exactly how she likes to be petted- one person holds her and another person pets her head. Otherwise pet real fast head-to-tail, head-to-tail. She has found Liz, or at least Liz's crickets. Now we have to figure out how to keep her away. We put Liz on the ice box, but it's hard to see her and keep track of her water. Sunday we put the cage outside and she enjoyed the sun.

Chica came out limping on Sunday. Dave examined her foot, which is hard to see with all the feathers. Apparently, she snagged a toe on something and pulled the toenail nearly off, maybe part of the toe. It was hard to tell with the dried blood and feathers. Feathers on the feet is not a good idea for chickens. I held her while Dave put Ambesol on the toe. Five minutes later, Dave held her while cut off the dangling bit and washed it, then put peroxide on it. We put peroxide on it later that day, and again this morning. She is not limping now, but I will continue with peroxide for a bit. It was easy, and inexpensive, another point for chickens as pets.

Janow had the equine chiropractor today, it was neither easy nor inexpensive, yet another point for chickens as pets.

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