Friday, March 02, 2007

Andinkra Project

Here are samples I made with the Jaquard fabric paints I ordered for the 5th 6th grade T-shirt fundraiser. They are going to stamp Andinkra designs on the shirts for themselves and to sell.

These are on muslin. I made Andikra symbol stamps, as well as some patterns and shapes from different materials.

I made these to get a better feel for washes using this paint, and so the kids could see what they look like and how they look like when they are stamped on.

I made notes on the fabric of the colors and tecniques I used.

I made some on black fabric using the metallic paints.

For the backgrounds I used different things to stamp on textures. After that dired I stamped on top of that with some of the stamps I made.
I also made strips of black and white Kona cotton sewn together with a sample of each color on it. I didn't take pictures of those, they were boring.

I obtained 72 new blank T-shirts in a mix of black and white and different sizes. Joseph and Dave and I pre-washed them to remove sizing and pre-shrink them and then folded them all and put them back in the box.

Monday, I go to the classroom to demonstrate techniques so the students can get a feel for what they will be doing.

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