Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Machine Quilting

Here is the shoo-fly quilt I am machine quilting.It is a Piecemakers Quilting Guild of Southern Alameda County Community Quilts project. We make over a hundred quilts a year and donate them to different charities in the community. Most of the materials are donated, much by guild members. Different people will design the quilt and cut it. Then it gets packaged into kits. It may be a few blocks to make, or completed block to assemble into the top. Members take a kit at general meetings to work on at home.
They range in size from lap quilts to wrap around you whilke you sit, to preemie infants quilts that make the incubators look less sterile.
We also have tie-ins, where many of us get together and set up frames and tie them to finsih them.

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