Friday, February 02, 2007

Tuesday Arrival

Here she is, Whiskers! She is fitting in nicely, but seems to have a bit of PTSD from her days at the shelter and as a stray. The poo has been clipped and washed off, and she seems to have spent most or her first night here cleaning off the poo smell.

Here she is with Dave. Dave appears to have believed I was taking a picture of Whiskers only. I don't think he knew he was in the picure too.

She is called Whiskers here, as she was in the shelter. I think they assigned her that name at the shelter, all the animals had names. It reminded me a little bit of Cider House Rules by John Irving. The orphans were named by the staff in turns. Often, when an orphan found a home, a new baby would get the same name.

I suspect the shelter usually has a cat named Whiskers.

The bottom cat is Mary Shelley. At first, it seems they look alike, but not really. Aside from a different demeanor, Mary Shelley has a white chin. Whiskers' is black.

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