Saturday, February 24, 2007

Primitive Bowl Fillers

Here is the stuff I got in the Beneath The Attic Eaves exchange! Remember I posted a picture of what I sent?

Bowl fillers from Mr Als Primitives!

Bowl fillers are made to put in a bowl or basket as a casual centerpiece or shelf decoration.
I couldn't decide how to photograph them, and then I saw the daffodils that have come up in my yard.

They are 'primitive' which means they are made to look old, like something found in the attic, left over from Grandmother's day.

Beneath The Attic Eaves is an artist group that specializes in Primitive Folk Art. My work isn't exactly primitive, but I like them, they are a friendly bunch, and their great stuff has influenced my own work.
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Click on this picture to take you to all the art they have listed on Ebay.

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