Monday, February 19, 2007

Pack 92 Bridging

The Cub Scout Pack 92 Webelos II Bridging Ceremony was last Sunday afternoon. It rained hard in the morning but cleared up in time. I was afraid we'd all get soaked!
Here is Joseph crossing the bridge to Boy Scouts. He has to give up his Webelos neckerchief and cap before he crosses.
The scouts from the troup he has chosen help him across, as they will help him when he joins their troup and he in turn will help the yopunger scouts when he is older.

Each troup that the Webelos chose to join sent representatives to help thier newbies across and welcome them to the troup.

He gets the neckerchief of the new troup and a new woggle when he gets across. Mom gets to go to the Scout Shop in San Jose and buy the correct hat and pants etc.

In front, surrounded by scouts of Troop 92 and Adult leaders, are the new scouts; Gary, Nick, James, Joseph, Sahil and Jeremy.
Here is the color guard retiring the colors. They were mere Webelos when they presented the colors at the beginning of the ceremony. That's James, Joseph, and Neil.

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