Monday, February 05, 2007

Twiggy the Stick Horse

BTAE* Issued a challenge: Make something using a stick from your yard.

This is my answer to the challenge. Who would have guessed I'd make a horse?
Twiggy is made of burlap and denim and named after a real horse I knew. The stick was not actually in my yard, but I found it under an oak tree in Ed Levin Park. It's a nature park with hiking trails and fishing lakes, not like a city park with lawns. I cleaned it vigorously with an SOS pad, then dried it in my oven. It is exactly as long as my oven is when measured diagonally.

*BTAE stands for Beneath the Attic Eaves. It's an online group of primitive folk artists. I don't usually make primitive things, but I like the people. You can see some ot the things they have made by clicking on the banner.

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You can see Twiggy on ebay in the BTAE listings, or by clicking on this link:
Twiggy on ebay

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