Friday, June 23, 2006

Welcome Harley

Hamster aquisition is complete.

It only took two years of asking. But if your are 10 and you have been wanting something for two years, you must really want it.

So I said he could get a hamster when school was out this year.Before school was out, he was ready.

He'd been to the library and checked out books on hamsters, which he read.

He comparison shopped all the pet stores in Milpitas and two in Fremont for hamsters and supplies. He recieved some things for his birthday and purchased others.

He took good care of Liz the lizard, and bought her a new cage and water dish and a heated rock.

He helped with Paula and Chicka even though they have icky poop(A bird characteristic, they can't help their heritage,) so I said he could have a hamster on the last day of school, a Friday.

On Monday evening, he wanted to go early, since it WAS practically the last day. Nope. On Tuesday evening, he wanted to go early since it was practically the last day. Nope. On Wednesday evening, he wanted to go early since it was practically the last day. I said it was a possibility, but I couldn't promise anything because it depended how the morning went with Janow and batik.

On Thurday morning he was trying to get me to say that I had promised to go that day after school, but I said "Maybe. It's a possibility. I can't make a promise." Finally he asked
"Is that a confirmed 'maybe?"

So Thurdsay after school we went to the selected pet shop and he chose one. He was very quick, he knew as soon as he looked that he wanted this one.

This is Harley, he is a baby. He was very frightened to be in a big new cage all alone, so it was hard to let him alone to adjust. He's very active and a little squirrely, so it will take patience to tame him. But he IS cute!

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