Friday, June 30, 2006


I wanted to put pictures of the batiks here, but Blogspot is having problems right now. Yesterday too. I don't know when it will be fixed.

Well, the deadline for the fair is the 7th, if the entries are mailed in, the 8th if you can deliver them. It's about a 2 hour drive, freeway all the way.

I had the batik I wanted almost done Wednesday, all I had to do was iron the wax out on Thursday morning. I started at 6:30 am. There was a back up piece that was so close to done that I did one more wax and dye to it and ironed the wax out or it too. Turns out I like it better.

So after the barn,-- No Aaron, Joe was with me hoping his friend Aaron would be there but he wasn't-- We went up to Fremont to the framing gallery there. We looked and looked at frames and mats and couldn't find one that I was really happy with. Thanks to the 44oz Super Big Gulp from 7-11, Joe had to use the bathroom three times, but the bathroom at the gallery was funked out and we had to walk around the corner and down the street to Mission Coffee and use that one.

We finally found a frame that I liked. Cost? Over $500! Could have knocked me down. I said "I could never sell it for that." (That means "It's not worth that" in a way that was difficult to argue) So the frame store guy got really weird and started showing me all the "cheapest" stuff that was not suitable. Joseph asked why we were trying to get a "cheapo" one. That was exactly what I needed him to say. I replied to Joe that we weren't trying to go cheapo, but we needed to compromise and find middle ground. By telling Joe, I could also tell the frame store guy indirectly.
So we did. and we costed it out at just over $200. Better. SO I asked "How soon can you do it?" Well, the frame store guy was pissed at spending hours on a $200 sale and told me he was backlogged with work(which is why he wasn't working when we got there) and gave me a long lead time. Well, If I miss the deadline there is not point in doing it at all. So we left, everybody pleasantly pissed.

From there we went to Micheal's at McCarthy Ranch in Milpitas. Inexpensive custom framing with limited capabilities. If the computer program isn't set up to take that option, they cant do it. But.....they just has a sale last week and are backlogged and can't do it in time. So I figured we would go to Marshall's mega outlet dept store and buy a picture in a frame I liked. Dave could cut it to the right size, skip the mat. The framing lady at Michael's said, "You could do that here." So we did, and the frame I selected was on sale, so I got two, one for each piece. They are a little bit primitive, so mat-less suits them fine. Two frames, under $80.

And only 4 1/2 hours later. I told Joseph that it was a long day for him and he was very good and patient and I thought that merited 40 extra minutes of XBox time.
We stopped at Blockbuster to rent a game with the gift card he got for his birthday and he had just enough left on the card to join a new game club for a month. He can have an unlimited number of games for 30 days, just one at a time. He can trade the one he has for another one as many times as he wants.

He was happy, I was happy. When we got home, both Dave and Ferm were crashed On the couch. They looked happy too.

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