Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fitting In

          Sometimes the fit just isn't quite right, but I feel compelled to keep trying. That seems to apply to everyone, including cats.
          Mary Shelley has haunted the garage by day for a long time. She has had certain spots for hiding and sleeping. There has just been a major re-org in there, and her usual spots are gone or changed. She hasn't found new ones yet. She is out of sorts, but at least she hasn't bitten me about it.
          I have been out of sorts too. My web site is not doing well. Dave uses the computer to do actual work that has real income during most of the day, so my time is limited, as is my time to work uninterrupted. Nothing sells on eBay. The boutique at the quilt show was not successfull for me. I have looked into festivals, but the cost is so high that even if I had a good day, I would break even.
         I have to find a way to sell art where I am the one making the money. There are lots of ways to sell it where someone ese makes the money and I break even if luck is in the wind.
          The rain lasted longer this year, I have not started to batik, and with the garage re-org, I have to find the stuff first. I am way behind. The camp-outs and other activities are not helping, nor is the ability to work at home uninterrupted.
If I could just sell something, I could buy a laptop to load my software into and actually work, if I could work someplace else. Caffe Romeo closed and sold. It will re-open as The Litte Table some time in the future.
          My friend D is also out of sorts. I don't know how to help her. Maybe I feel that if I helped her, it would help me too.
          Yesterday, I put new link pictures on my site. I took out the buttons and put faces. Do you like it?

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