Monday, June 26, 2006

Doll For One

It's almost done, and early too. Launch is set for July 9 (I hope I remember it right) Wait 'til AuntyM sees what I did with her pattern!

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Yesterday I had a migraine and spent the day in bed. I got new glasses for indoors and I think they gave me a headache that started in the back of my head. Joe and Dave were at the San jose Giants baseball game and my old indoor glasses were in the car they took to the game, so I had to wait until they came back. If I had known the headache would turn into a migraine, I would have taken the new glasses off and been blind for a while. I've had that prescription in my sunglasses for a year, so it's not that, it's the glasses. I'm really sensitive to having the pupil distance correct.

These swallow pictures are from the day before yesterday. I was sure the babies would have flown out by the time I got my camera, but they were still at home. You can easily see that all five eggs hatched and survived.

"Dad, Stacy's pushing me off the edge!"

"Well....Steffie won't poop over the side, and Steve stepped in it............ and then he touched me with his foot!"

"I did not!"


Cat said...

I love the bird pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog . . . I can't wait to see that doll completed!

Anonymous said...

This is the best journal I have ever read!