Monday, June 12, 2006

Weak from last week

Last week was the week nobody hopes for. Janow colicked Monday afternoon and after some Banamine muscle relaxer pain killer, it looked like he would be better. Not so. More phone calls to the vet, who finally came out at midnight and found a large impaction on its way to becoming a torsion. Torsion means surgery or death.

Lots of mineral oil and fluids, both into the stomach and IV, and getting a mothballed trailer out in the dark for safety inspection at first light. More painkiller for Janow and no sleep for me, and we were off on a two hour drive to the equine hospital.

When we got there, the impaction had improved, but he still needed treatment. I was upfront in saying that I would not have colic surgery. It's to hard on the horse for too long a recovery. It's something I decided years and years ago, but had never actually believed I would have to say for Janow. I said it for Frix and that was hard.

Janow pulled through without surgery. I drove back the next day to visit, and then again Thursday to pick him up and bring him home.

The Cub Scout two night camp out at Ed Levin began on Friday afternoon. Fortunately, Ed Levin Park is the one adjacent to the stable where we ride when we ride out. You have to actually drive through part of the park to get to the barn, so I was close enough to pop up the road to look after Janow. Dave and I took turns popping down the road to give Ferm Cat his pills and look after Mary Shelley, Chicka and Paula.

Saturday night we had s'mores and campfire skits. Joseph read a spooky story outloud to the whole pack and did a super job. He reads outloud better than most adults. I was really proud of him.

Sunday was the Bridging Ceremony and Den 3 stepped up from Webelos 1 to Webelos 2. Next Fall they will visit Boy Scout troops and pick the one they want to join. Then step up to Boy Scouts at the Blue and Gold Banquet.

After two nights in a tent, we came home to find that our huge Mimosa tree in the back yard had fallen and missed the house by a narrow margin. Dave worked on that for a while and then decided it wasn't an emergency so he came inside and fell asleep on the floor.

Today is the first day of the last week of school, and after drop off and checking on Janow, I have to drive to Walnut Creek, about an hour, for an MRI.

You should see the heap of laundry! Also the empty refridgerator and the cat hair dust balls, a pile of unread mail and newspapers.....but a healthy horse and a Webelos 2.....and half a bottle of Dalmane.

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