Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saddle Pads....almost

Here are some of the in-progress saddle pads. These are the ones I batiked this summer. I have been sewing cotton foundations for the denim pads. This takes a long time and is a very boring task, but it makes these pads great. Even without the batik design, these would be nice pads. I was nearly done with this batch when I ran out of bobbin thread and did not have any others wound. That's enough for me today!

I have three pads currently on ebay. They and others can be seen on the Doublecatbatik website.

If you want a sample piece to see how nice these pads are, let me know! I can get one to you.

1 comment:

OnTheBit said...

Your saddle pads are too colorful for my DQ self! Have you ever tried to make a white dressage pad with a black pattern? Is black dye even possible? Your pads are so cute though...maybe someday I will splurge on a schooling pad for my fat spotted pony...