Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Bunday

funny rabbit pictures & lolcats - Fixted yuor speekurz.. Is all good nao
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Last week you saw Scamper of Santa Clara Humane Society. This week I tell you that a rabbit is not an impulse pet, not a great children's gift, but the most glorious companion for the right person. You have to decide if you are that person. This picture illustrates the perils of being that person. (BTW if you look closely at the pic, the wires look photoshopped. The rabbit was not endangered. But, this could really happen if the wires were left hanging)

Today on Silver's blog, Buns-of-Silver, she tells about an unexpected pitfall of being a house rabbit. She had one morning where she would not have anything to do with me, hiding and making the danger sound by thumping her hind feet hard on the floor. My friend Diana of The Qi Papers asked me
"What were you wearing?"
"Jaguar pajamas."
"She thought you were a predator."

The two links below will help you find more rabbit information, including some stories about real life rabbits. You can also get connected with the Rabbit Rescue Orgs in your area. They hold regular adoption fairs where you can see the buns and talk to the bun people. There is one that calls itself the Bunderground Railroad. Rabbit people love bun puns!

House Rabbit Society

Interactive Bun


Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read the article. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bun puns? lol! I love that!

And I was also giggling imagining your bun thumping and all upset over your jaguar jammies, too. :)