Saturday, November 21, 2009


Here are pictures of me, driving! After nearly ten years on the pain/surgery/recovery carousel, it feels great to be moving off the circle!
That's Mt. Diablo in the back. The area around Roger's place is flat! Not like Milpitas and Indian Hills Ranch. It takes me about an hour and 15-30 minutes to get here.
You can see Spunky likes to bend to the left, even on the right rein. The tricky part is getting the right bend without turning right, just like riding.

I like the last picture that shows him suspended(nearly). It looks like he is really moving. Believe me, this pony really moves out. He is ALWAYS willing to go faster! Sort of like Janow. Well, exactly like Janow..

The morning these pictures were taken, my head was not really in the right place. The previous evening, Joseph took a ride on the bipolar pony and Dave & I just grabbed a hank of tail and hung on. This time he stayed in the ring, avoiding dragging us over rocks and through thistles, and managed to dodge most of the manure. He's getting control and I am proud of him.

I had these pictures arranged so the the back of us was the last photo. That was just tooo much, so I changed it.


OnTheBit said...

I love the pictures!! You look like a total driving pro! I cannot wait to see how Janow looks all rigged up. I cannot even tell you how cool it is that you are doing this! It makes me want to learn how to drive...and then I remember that I can hardly afford dressage alone so driving will have to wait.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

Breathe said...

I love wagons. We had a mini that was only sane when hooked to a buggy. The rest of the time he was a lunatic.

Bipolar pony? I think I need to hear that story!