Friday, September 18, 2009

Hernia Repair

Today, Whiskers is at the vet hospital having her hernia repaired.

I drove Joseph to the Dr to get ointment for the rash on his ankles. I am worried about Silver and continually decide/undecide to take her to the bun vet because I am getting an infection in my poor damaged lungs and don't want to get sicker, so I also decide/undecide to go to the Dr. myself.

Haven't been to the stable yet and we are totally out of horse pellets, rabbit pellets and nearly out of chicken pellets so I have to get to the feedstore today too. At least we are good for cat food because Dave bought a 40 lb bag of Hairball Light last time(we only have 16 lbs of cat), and we are also good for cat litter. Last night I told Dave I was going to build a cat bidet.
"A what?"
"A cat bidet. It sprays cat sand up in the air over the litter box."
"I thought we already had one of those."

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Cara said...

Whiskers made it home sans hernia and very groggy. She chirped at me and rubbed her face on the carrier door bars all the way home.

She was required to have non-clay cat litter so she got paper rabbit litter in her box. It's not heavy like clay. When she stepped on the edge of the litter box to come out, the whole box flipped up and there was rabbit bedding all over. I guess that's the bidet.