Monday, September 07, 2009

Bunday Monday

Sky Rabbit Night
block print by Diana Moll

Today's bun is by Diana of The Qi Papers. Diana is a local artist and fellow bun-swabe who was helped me to understand Silver, the Bun in Residence. She has been working on bonding a third rabbit to a bonded pair. She has taken the time to watch the process and is sort of the Jane Goodall of rabbits.

I've used her Bunday picture without permission, but added a link to the place where you can buy it. The price is very reasonable, which you can often get on art when you skip professional framers, galleries and their fees and commissions.

She can rip my head off for posting it without asking, but she would have to drive over the Santa Cruz Mountains to do it, and at the price of gas..........

1 comment:

d. moll, said...

LOL imagine my surprise!!!! You are welcome to use Sky Rabbit. Ha, ha Jane Goodall of rabbits, thanks.