Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bun story

I said to Dave "Silver was so cute this morning!"
He laughed. "Cara, it's the same rabbit."

But she was. So be prepared.

Last week, she was working in the towel pile under the chair and I was lying on the floor watching. My nose itched and I rubbed it, then ran my fingers through my hair. I have never done this rabbit grooming gesture for Silver. She froze in insta-perk. He ears flew up so fast! She came over and sniffed my face, ears still in perk. Then her ears went down and she requested grooming. I complied.

Today I was on the floor by the towel pile, head on the floor, petting Silver while she meatloafed under the chair. My arm got tired so I stopped. She looked at me for an instant, then she came over and chewed my hair a bit.

Dave thinks that's disgusting. I don't, and rabbit people will agree with me.

1 comment:

d. moll, l.ac. said...

That IS so CUTE!!! You and SIlver are real bonding. Some people don't understand about the rabbit thing. Someone who I thought of as a friend actually interrupted me in the middle of my how Amelia found me story, I mean what could be more fascinating?