Friday, September 25, 2009

Court of Honer, BSA Troop 92

On Monday, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 92 had a Court of Honor in which there were 72 merit badges, 9 Order of the Arrow awards, and 17 rank advancements. Eighty percent of the troop was present, so they all gathered for a group picture.
There is an arrow pointing to Joseph in the group picture. There, on the left side.

Why, you might be asking, am I posting something on Friday that happened on Monday? Well......... We had the mystery rash that started on Joseph's ankles in the middle of the previous week. Nothing I did even slowed it down, so we went the the Dr., who prescribed an ointment, that caused a bright fiery red scaley secondary rash on top of the bumpy itchy rash he already had. So we went back to the Dr. and got prednisone syrup which tasted so vile he could not swallow it. So I called the Dr. and got pills instead. Joseph takes pills with ice cream. OK fine, but the rash did not improve so we went back to the Dr., a different one, who listened to the whole story again and said poison oak and gave us burn cream Zyrtec and instructed baking soda baths in addition to the prednisone and Clariten.
During this time the rash has spread from his ankles all the way up to just inches from the groin. It could be worse.

I woke up Monday morning of last week with a sore throat and knew I was getting a cold, but never did. After days of sore throat, I developed a stuffy nose and a sinus infection. The infection went to my lungs and I could barely breath. I was so busy taking Joseph to the Dr. and going to the pharmacy for the next thing that I could not go to the Dr. myself until Wednesday. Then I went to the pharmacy for me.

Is it Friday yet?

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