Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bug Pucky

I have wasted a lot of time lately on this:
Phantom Mansion 2

It has been a long time since I played games, but some of my Facebook Friends have been playing Bejeweled and some Farm game which got me thinking about Myst Exile which I have but have not played because it is such a good way to waste time.....

Phantom Mansion 2 is a simple Mario style game. I know this because Joseph walked by and said with his sarcastic teen persona: "Haven't you ever played a Mario game before?"

I remember Donkey Kong (the original) when it first came to the arcade. I was at the arcade on a date. Perry had the world high score for Centipedes for a few days. Then someone lasted longer.

I remember running the first Leisure Suit Larry in two colors on a 286. I remember taking Larry to work, on a floppy, and giving it to someone else. Larry got copied and passed around, secretly, because you couldn't do it on company time, until EVERYONE knew who Larry was. That was about 1990.

Heck, I remember playing Solitaire with real cards back in the '70s.

Text only games are special. I have had great times, early in the morning when I could not sleep, with the games at Rinkworks. Those doesn't even earn eye rolls. It you have a teen at home, you know eye rolls are a dime a dozen.

There was a time when Joseph and I enjoyed computer games together. Stickman Murder Mysteries were fun to figure out together way back in 1st grade.

The real truth is that, while I have wasted a bit of time in my life on video games, I play them pretty much like a 48 year old lady. That bugs the pucky out of my teenage son. That's OK with me. It's my turn to do the bugging.

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d. moll, said...

I played games and games and games with my son, (in between reading) finally in 6th grade I capitulated and got him a computer game "Lego Racers". He loves all games card games ancient and modern, video games, sports. He is now at a school so he can learn how to make video games.....Everyone there is just like him! I want to hug them all.