Saturday, June 30, 2007


Patience is a necessary characteristic for any successful escape artist. Whiskers dreams of trees.
Whiskers is our animal shelter adoption. She is very affectionate and gentle, but not a lap cat. I can pick her up, but someone has to pet her while I hold her, otherwise she wants down. So I pick her up briefly and rub my face on her, then put her down. After that, she usually runs around really fast and meows. Dave can pick her up and she is OK as long as he walks around or someone pets her. Joseph can pick her up and sit down for a little while.

She likes to play, but doesn't play by herself often. She needs someone to play with her. The cat dancer rubber pom pom-on-a-wire is a favorite. She sits on top of the ice box to request it. Fur mice are good. I bought a 12 pack from KV Vet Supply last time I ordered from them. She likes it when you throw it, then she runs after it and savages it briefly before waiting for you to throw it again. Sometimes when I pick it up, she just runs in circles around me until I fling it against the wall and it slides down. It makes a great scraping sound as it slides down the wall. Faint and enticing.

It's amazing how well she has fit in with things here. Mary Shelley is not amazed, but she prefers spending her days in the garage and always has.

I ordered the stuff I need to paint my floor cloths with non-skid backing. BTAE is planning a group auction on ebay with all items on a theme. My first floor cloth offered for sale will be on there. I'm owrking on it now. It's a small one, the size you would put inside your front door or in front of your bathroom sink. The group auction starts on July 20th, that's Friday. The theme will be From Under The Sea. Not everyone participates ineach one, andnot everyone is able to get their ebay listings up on the first day, so keep watching.

Beneath the Attic Eaves is a group of primitive folk artists. They make things that are supposed to look like old home made heirlooms. Their next group auction will be on July 6th, on ebay. The theme for that one is Christmas in July. I'm not participating in that one, but there is sure to be some great stuff. Clicking on the BTAE sign below should take you to an ebay search of everything BTAE has to offer.

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