Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stop hitting your sister in the head!

Dave has been growing raspberries this spring. He planted the bushes last year and they are really producing this year. He planted boysenberries too. I like those better, but they finished up first. He froze a lot to make smoothies with later.

I have been on the industrial machine. It has taken a lot of practice time to get control of it, it is very fast! And it is in the garage, Mary Shelley's personal daytime territory. But Whiskers has decided that she is my personal daytime companion, so there is a confict. Both cats think they should be the cat nearest to me. There is staring, then someone hits someone else in the head, then there is hissing. Then I feel like I should get up and do something about it......

I am going to try my first serious sewing on it today. Tomorrow, I am going to Denise's to sew. Since she sold it to me, I can report my success or failure to her.

Janow is doing really well on his new oat hay pellets. He looks great, and they are tasty too!

I figured out the password for Nigel's computer. I think I have an idea for the secret code.

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