Saturday, June 23, 2007

Primitive Uncle Sam

My friend Melissa made this Uncle Sam. Isn't he fantastic?

He is 14 inches tall and attached to a wooden base so he can stand up on any shelf. She needle felted his beard and hair out of wool. Needle felting is a method of attaching the hair so it is woven into itself on the other side of the fabric and will not come out! "Look Ma, No glue!"

She has him for auction on ebay, so you can click on the link I made, down below, to go and see him there. You can see more pictures and read a complete discription without having to bid, or, of course, you can bid and hope you win him. Wouldn't he look great for your 4th of July Decorations?

Melissa has an online store too. It's called Skunk Hollow Country Store. If you click on the link I made below, you can visit. You don't need shoes to go in, and you can take your coffee, or drippy ice cream cone. Parking is free.

Click here to see the ebay auction for Uncle Sam

Click here to see Skunk Hollow Country Store

Click here to see my website

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