Sunday, May 06, 2007

this was fun.

Joseph and I played Scrabble. He is a pretty good player, so it was fun. We used almost all the tiles that were in the box. He was so excited that I took a picture of the board. That made it even more exciting. It's cool to take time away from the usual life to do something like this. This should be the usual life.

Life in Silicon Valley today is pretty fast paced. There is so much available in the area, and so many things to do, that you feel you must go like nuts to take advantage of it all. Why? Why should I take advantage of all those things?

The local quilt shop merged with a sewing machine store in San Jose. I told the owner I was sad, I wouldnt be able to go as often, it was too far. She thought that was silly, only 12 minutes away from the old location. But the old location was so close to home, many paths took me past it and I could just stop on the way to something else. Now I have to make a special trip, 24 mintues total. So I can't just stop by casually, buy a couple fat quarters or magazine and whatever. I have to need enough to make it worth the trip and I have to plan it into my week. Not gonna go as often.

Grandaddy may recognize this Scrabble set. So will Auntie Mo. Auntie Mo and I used this set when we were growing up. It is the same set Grandaddy and his brothers and sisters used. It still works. If you mouse click on the picture, it will get bigger. We had some pretty good words.

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