Saturday, May 05, 2007

old enough to buy glue

Here are the finished chickens I made using water soluble resist. They are "primitive" and so they are supposed to look old and grungy.

They are also a bit crusty with polyurethane(SO old fashioned!) so the bottoms have been firmly flattened and they stay upright very easily.

The Museum Project for Ms. Maultsby's class is moving along. I won a model of a Klingon Battle Cruiser on ebay to go in the Klingon exhibit. It came, factory sealed, from the 80s. Of course, we broke the seal, decreasing it's value, and began assembly. We had to go to Michael's and get glue and paint for it. I got carded buying airplane glue. I've been old enough to buy my own airplane glue for 28 years.

There is a tack swap/craft sale at the barn today. I am taking my saddlepads(did I say that already? blame it on the airplane glue, or being old enough to buy my own)I am also taking some sweatshirts, stuffed animals and used horse stuff. The thing most people don't realize before they buy a horse is how much 'stuff' they will need to go with it. The accessories will kill you!

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I never got carded for anything until I was well past the legal age to buy it. I always say "thank you" to the clerk for thinking I'm so youthful. :) The chickens are cute!